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Jamie O’ Halloran is impressively attuned to the metier of writing. She is a craftswoman of the highest order and produces a poetry that sears, soothes and replenishes. Her deft touch and careful attention charge ordinary objects on the page leaving the reader transformed. I deeply admire her work.


—Sarah Byrne, Editor-in-Chief at The Well Review


Jamie O'Halloran

Jamie O’Halloran is an American-Irish poet whose Corona Connemara & Half a Crown was awarded a winner in the 2021 Fool for Poetry Chapbook Competition. Her poems appear most recently in Banshee, Poetry Ireland Review, Southword, Skylight 47 and The Honest Ulsterman. She lives in the West of Ireland.

Recent Features

This episode of the poetry podcast, hosted and produced by Damien B. Donnelly, features poets Molly Twomey, Jamie O’Halloran, Diarmuid Fitzgerald,

Janet Macfadyen and Gerry Steward

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Harry's Poetry Hour:
Clive Matson & Jamie O'Halloran

Harry welcomes back Clive Matson and Jamie O'Halloran to the show. Clive shares a few poems and talks about his career path, and Jamie shares recent poems dealing with the war in Ukraine. Recorded Live August 15, 2023

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